8 Tips to Become Excellent at Minimalist Photography

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2. Keep It Simple!

The most vital rule of minimalism is to keep things simple. Don’t overthink things you capture, and don’t overanalyze them. Just remember that does not mean your minimalist shots will be boring or lacking some interesting elements.

As a good start you can try to shoot an element which will instantly catch the viewer’s eye. The subject should be always the most powerful element of the photo, although it may not even occupy a lot of space.

Among the perfect examples of simple subjects you may use for minimalist photography are a lone human form against a massive wall, or power lines against a backdrop of sky, and even a close-up picture of dry, cracked ground.

Take some time and think what you’re going to put into your shot. And also consider what you will leave out of the frame. The space surrounding the subject is going to highlight it, so don’t be afraid to crop possible distractions while post-processing or even zoom in on the subject.

For example, if you have a picture sky, clouds, and birds, you can crop the image the way to leave only a bird and a piece of blue sky.

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