8 Tips to Become Excellent at Minimalist Photography

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3. Use Negative Space in Composition

Clever use of composition would be a plus in any photography genre, and it’s the same for minimalist photography.

Negative space is one of the most important elements of composition that you should consider in your minimalist shots. Negative space is space around as well as in between the subject or subjects.

Negative space is sometimes underused in photography, but here is where you can make it truly shine. The utilization of negative space as a part of composition for minimalist photography is integral to its success. Sometimes photographers ignore this important rule, as they may get caught up obsessing about the subject matter of the picture.

As minimalist photography is all about emphasizing the lone subject, negative space will help you with this. If, for instance, your subject is a bug against a plain background, zoom out your lens to make the bug appear even smaller against the background.

It will create more negative space (I mean, the plain background) and put more emphasis on your subject. That’s minimalism in all its finest!

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