8 Tips to Become Excellent at Minimalist Photography

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4. Use Color Indulgently

Since minimalist photography relies on keeping the things as simple as possible, the one area you can really use to make up for this is color. Despite your photo still will be simple, which is philosophy of minimalist, you can make it more attractive and eye-catchy using colors.

One of the best effective techniques you can use is to increase the saturation. If you have just a few elements within the shot, then highlighting color of the elements is the winning solution. It will draw attention to the picture and make it stand out.

It’s also great to intentionally pick complimentary colors for your minimalist images. For example, orange and blue are complimentary colors, also red and green, yellow and purple. Just imagine how amazingly intense one of these colors will look against a complementary backdrop. Your minimalistic shot will stick out the way it needs to!

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